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"JAPANTEX" - Tokyo, Japan's largest indoor textile professional exhibition, held annually, is the world's largest household and interior textiles exhibition, one of the main display indoor textiles, bedding, upholstery, curtain, carpet, etc. Organizers of the expo, Japan indoor textile ASSOCIATION (NIPPON INTERIOR FABRICS ASSOCIATION) is a professional group Japan indoor textile producers, distributors, using their own advantages, the ASSOCIATION held since 1982, since the first international indoor textiles exhibition in Tokyo, Japan has been thirty-one years of history, the exhibition organizations work closely, advertising and customer group work are better, exhibits high quality, exhibition modern design, great attention by the trade sector, has become one of the biggest home textiles market in the world.

2014.11.12~14, JAPANTEX 2014 in Tokyo,Booth No.:1J-071/07
2013.10.23~25,JAPANTEX 2013 in Tokyo,Booth No.:1N-079/5

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