International Windows Covering Expo

龙珠激斗基纽介绍 International Windows Covering Expo

"International Windows Covering Expo" - the International exhibition of curtain, with more than 30 years history of the United States curtains, window decoration and accessories exhibition (International Windows Covering Expo) by the American association of furniture, doors and Windows products association jointly held together with GRACE group in the United States, is one of the world's most tracery textile accessories industry scale, the most class, one of the most comprehensive exhibition of business value. At the same time, it is also the only curtains, window decoration professional exhibition, the exhibition since 2011 over the same period of KBIS America's largest sanitary ware exhibition location, very good results have been achieved. Before 2014, the exhibition is for the exhibition tour. Beginning in 2014, held in Las Vegas every year, and with America's largest sanitary ware KBIS and one of the world's largest construction event of IBS with host. Three exhibition linkage, sharing of buyer, whatever for exhibitors and visitors is a good platform for an understanding of industry forefront, further to dig the international business opportunities,and to expand the international market.

2015.1.20~22,,International Windows Covering Expo in LasVegas,Booth No.:641

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