Shanghai R + T Asia

龙珠激斗基纽介绍 Shanghai R + T Asia

R + T Asia originated in Germany, mother show more than 40 years of history, is the world's largest window shade. Eight years ago, R + T entered the Chinese market formally, for many years with the China building shading, door and door industry grow up together, has become Asia's largest shutter doors and Windows, door and door trade fairs with shading systems. R + T Asia, on the one hand, with the help of mother R + T show influence abroad, actively expand the global market, to create awareness R + T Asia global; Positive impact on the other hand, the domestic terminal purchasing groups, strengthening the concept of building energy efficiency, develop the Chinese market potential; Committed to build a top in the field of architectural sunshade, door and door trade event, upstream and downstream enterprises to provide trade exchanges the best platform for industry.

2013.3.26~3.28,R+T ASIA 2013 in Shanghai,Booth No.:E3D37
2014.3.25~27, R+T ASIA 2014 in Shanghai,Booth No.:E3D39
2015.3.24~26, R+T ASIA 2015 in Shanghai,Booth No.:N3G49

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